Why is my quad core computer slow?

Answer A modern computer with a quad core processor is normally a fast machine, but there are things that can adversely affect the speed of a computer, even if it has a quad core processor.FunctionThe qua... Read More »

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Should I Purchase a Quad Core Computer?

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Core 2 Quad Q9xxx With Quad Core Technology?

When semiconductor company Intel Corp. introduced the Core 2 as its latest premier brand of consumer-oriented processors on July 27, 2006, it split the family into three divisions: the Core 2 Solo,... Read More »

Dual core verses Quad core or Extreme?…

The Difference Between the iMac Dual-Core & Quad Core?

In each successive release of the iMac all-in-one computer line up, Apple executes a small upgrade in the power of most of the systems in the computer. In early 2011, one of the more significant up... Read More »