Why is my puppy's hair falling off on her back?

Answer As dogs mature, their immune systems become more stable. When a puppy is exposed to certain infections for which it may not have developed a natural resistance, hair loss on the face, tail, paws an... Read More »

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Have you considered seeing a chiropractor?

How do I fix back my grill burner that is falling off.?

Did you know? Beko cookers have been in the News recently, for all the wrong reasons might I add. They have (not all) serious and major operational safety issues. Certain models are responsible ... Read More »

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My hair is falling out, im age 13 and my hair is thining out what should i do?

Do NOT listen to these people -__- Ugh. Anyways, there are ways to strengthen and help grow your hair out. I am trying to grow my hair fast, so i've started to use "Mane and Tail" shampoo. It's a h... Read More »