Why is my puppy losing hair?

Answer Surprising to some pet owners, hair loss in puppies is actually fairly common. A variety of conditions are known to cause thinning hair and the appearance of bald spots in puppies.AllergiesPuppies ... Read More »

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Why is your puppy losing hair?

Puppies can lose hair due to genetics, infections, parasites or hormone problems, according to "Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook." Many of these problems are treatable. The sooner the puppy get... Read More »

Why is my puppy losing his hair?

Puppy hair loss is not uncommon and can be triggered by a variety of conditions, many of which are easily treatable. However, as hair loss may also signify a more serious problem, it is important t... Read More »

Puppy Scratching & Losing Hair?

Puppies have sensitive skin and can suffer from a number of skin conditions that cause scratching and hair loss. These problems can range from the normal shedding of puppy coats or more serious pro... Read More »

Why is your dog losing hair?

Most dogs shed to some degree, but when your dog starts losing unusually large amounts of hair, it can be upsetting. Most causes of hair loss in dogs are easily treatable.SignificanceThe amount of ... Read More »