Why is my puppy limping after a vaccination?

Answer Owners may often feel concerned about their puppy limping hours or days later after being vaccinated. As worrisome as such symptom may be, the good news is that such limping is generally short live... Read More »

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How soon after a vaccination can I take my puppy out?

On One Hand: Wait Until the Series is FinishedMaternal antibodies, which are passed to puppies while they are nursing, interfere with the immune response to vaccinations. Puppies are given a serie... Read More »

Dog Limping After Vaccinations?

Vaccines are available for dogs and puppies, just like they are for humans. Vaccines can help protect your dog against potentially life threatening diseases. There is a small risk your dog could ex... Read More »

My Dog Is Limping on the Front Leg After Rabies and DHPP Shots?

There are required vaccinations that dogs need to ward off illness and disease. Sometimes dogs experience side effects from these shots, but they usually pass in time. The benefits of vaccinations ... Read More »

Puppy Reactions to Rabies Vaccination?

Rabies vaccinations protect dogs from this fatal yet common disease. That's why it's so important to get your new puppy vaccinated as soon as it is old enough. However, you should also be aware tha... Read More »