Why is my printer so slow?

Answer Hi there..the converter (gimp) is similar to emulation mode. The information exchanged between printer and Mac has to be translated in order to read the driver code information. I hope this expl... Read More »

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Network printer printer printing very slow?

Like Mike said, make sure you have the correct printer driver installed that is designed for Windows 7 & your model of printer. Make sure you setup printer sharing correctly (maybe try setting it u... Read More »

Epson printer xp 400 very slow?… this site should help...

Does installing a printer slow a computer down?

On One Hand: Why Printers Slow Your Computer DownMany printers come with a CD/DVD bundle of multimedia software to install with your printer driver. Many people never use this bundle and don't know... Read More »

All of a sudden printer running super slow?

It is simply a windows registry problem, sometimes in removing any program from the system would remove essential files from it, that's why your system start freezing after sometime, use Reginout r... Read More »