Why is my printer printing in pink and not full color?

Answer Is this an Epson printer by chance? If so, then your print heads are probably still clogged to a degree. I've had Epson printers do this to me for years, and running the standard cleaning utility... Read More »

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Why is my printer printing in pink?

Sounds more like the printer is malfunctioning than a settings problem.If you have the latest drivers and have tried rebooting everything you probably need to take it to a shop.///

My printer is only printing pink!?

it sounds like it is not registering all the toners, try removing all the toners, shake side to side gently to redistribute the toner powders inside and retry. Whilst the toners are out look into ... Read More »

My printer is printing only pink, or magenta. What to do?

Sounds like ink cartridge needs replaced.

Why is my laser printer printing pink specs all over the page?

Pink is the magenta station. So check the magenta drum cartridge for damage especially if the defects repeat a certain distance apart. You can tell by looking at the circumference of the drum.