Why is my pinkie finger pregnant!?

Answer um ur werid nobody has a pregnant pinkie go to the doctor or something

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What should i do about a cut on my pinkie finger?

Make sure your using the right bandaid for it. If it's at the end, use knuckle or finger tip bandaids, they'll wrap around better. Keep it clean & use neosporin. I recently sliced the side tip off ... Read More »

Hey guys how do i tell if my pinkie finger is broken or sprained if you can what can i do to make it better?

Can you move it? If you can't without extreme pain, then it probably is broken. I have to tape my pinky to the next for stability after straining it when something heavy slipped through my hands.... Read More »

Pins & needles in lower left arm & hand, loss of strength in ring/pinkie finger?

Is it possible to get pregnant from finger sex?

It's unlikely because fingers don't ejaculate, however, if there is sperm on the fingers that penetrate you then pregnancy is a definite possibility.