Someone stole my iphone. I read on forums about people with iphones with blocked imei's but att and apple both claim that can't do it. How can I get the imei blocked so nobody can use that phone?

Answer over course they can but u shouldn't give them a phon like that anyway that's stupid they shouldn't havce a phone anyways

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Blocked phone how do you know?

My mom blocked texting on my phone?

Make a deal with her, i.e. she'll give you back your texting privileges if you agree to certain limitations or if you do something for her.

Can i use my mobile phone if vodafone has blocked it?

VodaFone International phone service blocks cellular phones using the phone's 15 digit IMEI identification number. Blocking this number renders it useless in any of the cellular service provider n... Read More »

Do blocked phone work in India?

So you want to buy a 'stolen' phoneand use it somewhere else ....Don't think you are going to get an answer on YA.