Why is my pc saying that the usb i have plugged in has malfunctioned?

Answer its not going to recognize your phone you need the samsung drivers. Or perhaps it has malfunctioned?

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I have Direct TV and one of my TVs comes up with a message saying that it's searching for 771 What does that mean and how can I clear it to get picture programming? Online CBS feed for free

Why does the usb icon appear in my taskbar, saying usb has been plugged and alerts with noise..when I haven't?

Most probably your laptop has been infected by some virus or a worm,I'm pretty sure you can come out of the problem by re-installing your operating system.Secondly,there may be a chance of loose co... Read More »

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I have a portable radio that also has a spot for a sd card, but it has not worked since I plugged a usb drive?

Well, it might help if you tell us the make and model of the radio.Since you "plugged a usb drive".......where? In the SD card slot?Please clarify!