Why is my neighbors telephone conversations coming through my police scanner?

Answer Because they are using wireless phones and your picking up their frequency... That is just a base frequency, their phone can also go into different frequency ranges... some of which can interfere ... Read More »

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20 channel Police Scanner.... 200 Channel Police Scanner (please help, easy answer)?

The number of channels on a scanner does not correlate to what channel the police and fire use. To find the correct frequencies your local area, go to the database at RadioReference http://www.radi... Read More »

Recording telephone conversations?

you have 2 choices here.....with a regular recorder....from Radio shack or like you want directly thru your computer....!…I think that is what youre lookin... Read More »

Who has a police scanner what is HAM mean on a police scanner?

Ham on a police scanner stands for the Amateur Radio Bands. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you have either a newer Radio Shack scanner, or a bearcat scanner. The older Radio Shack scanners... Read More »

Can your neighbors listen in on your phone conversations with a baby monitor?

It's possible if the phone and the monitors work in the same broadcast frequency.Most do not, however. Modern cordless phones operate in the 2.4ghz wavelength, and older ones operate in the 900mhz ... Read More »