Why is my neck hurting?

Answer I know what you mean.. that mostly happens to me.. the reason is because you slept in a bad position which results pain in your neck

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How to Take Care of a Hurting Neck and Shoulder?

Do you get this ache? It happens on one side of the neck, and on the shoulder and it hurts. You could call it a crook.

Plz help, my backpack is getting tooooo heavy, my neck and back are really hurting, plz help me!?

i say you talk to a parent or guardian and have them bring up at school meetings to state that if a child is going to risk having back/neck problems for the rest of their lives b/c teachers are bei... Read More »

If I went to physical therapy for my rotator cuff, why is my neck hurting so much tonight?

The neck bone's connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bone's connected to the arm bone. The arm bone's connected to the hand bone. The hand's just connected to the bone-r.

My neck has been hurting really bad for three days i took tylenol alot and its not working whats wrong with me?

A lot of neck pain can be caused by strain in the muscles of the upper arms, shoulders or your pec muscles. If you've had any strain recently in any of those areas - this might be causing addition... Read More »