Why is my mouse not working?

Answer The cat virus must have got into your computer (chuckle chuckle) he he he ha ha ha..........HA

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PC recognizes USB Mouse, but Mouse stops working?

if you can, try another usb mouse as I'd be inclined to say the mouse was faulty. Failing that, try the mouse in another computer with a USB port running winXP sp1 or newer.As it is a wired mouse i... Read More »

My mouse is not working?

Hold the on/off butten until your computer turns off wait 30 seconds then turn it back on again.Hope I helped.

What should i do if my mouse is not working?

it could be many thing 1.ur mouce/keybored card as gone wrong and may need re-installing it.2.the inside wheels that roll when the ball in the mouse touchs them have worns out.3.ur pc may either ha... Read More »


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