Why is my mouh can handle really foods that my hands cant even touch?

Answer The saliva keeps it cool and also you breathing in and your hands may be more sensitive than your tongue

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How to Handle Foods?

Foods naturally high in protein and moisture are prone to microbial contamination which may lead to food poisoning . This includes eggs, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and custards. This kind of fo... Read More »

Why Not Touch HID Bulbs With Your Hands?

HID bulbs on a car illuminate the road more than standard halogen bulbs. Just like with halogen bulbs, touching HID bulbs often damages the bulb, and can cause injury.

Why should you never touch anything electrical while you have wet hands or standing in water?

My hands are realy rough and my girlfriend doesnt want me to touch her?

get a pumice stone and scrub them after you shower.instead of hand or body cream, get FOOT cream and use that as hand lotion 3 times a's way thicker and works better.