Why is my mouh can handle really foods that my hands cant even touch?

Answer The saliva keeps it cool and also you breathing in and your hands may be more sensitive than your tongue

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Why cant i handle drugs or alcohol that much while others can?

Maybe your guardian angel is screaming, PLEASE STOP DOING DRUGS! Nothing good comes from drugs, you get high, you forget, you regret, you get in trouble, you go to jail. Please stop.

What are some foods to eat that feel like I'm cheating but really aren't "that" bad?

Here's the best way to do this, I've found. Stop dieting. Change your lifestyle. Aim for healthy MOST of the time, and don't beat yourself up for having a treat once in a while, or having a bad day... Read More »

What 3 foods that you will never eat even if they paid you to eat them?

any type of seafood from the deep ocean (for example giant squid, octopus, weird fish)the spiciest pepper in the world (I think it's the ghost pepper... not sure though)those coffee beans harvested... Read More »

What are some foods that seem like they are healthy that really aren't?

Milk. Cheese. Soy(too much of it). Tuna(from a can). Lettuce(non-organic). Dark chocolate. Cereal (with additives). Yoghurt(with additives). Drinks- Red wine. Juice(not freshly made).