Why is my mosquito bites turning into a bruise.....?

Answer Its an allergic reaction to the bite, you should maybe take an anti histamine like Piriton or benadryl .

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I scratched a mosquito bite, and it turned into a huge bruise?

Because of your severe scratch the dirt in your fingers made it infected. Apply any balm . Do not scratch.

Mosquito like bite turning into rash. ?

Apply some vitamin E oil to the rash. If it is itching a lot, apply cortisone cream.

Why am i getting mosquito bites or some kind of bug bites after the pool its annoying :(?

maybe ur aluget to a chemical in the water.

My mosquito bites are seriously killing me!!! even after bites not working!!! help plz!!!!!?

when i was little, my grandma would tell me to run my bites under the cold water, and pour just a little salt on doesnt hurt, and somehow they stopped itching.