Why is my monitor only showing my screen saver?

Answer go to control panel hit apperance and themes hit choose a screen saver and set itup like 1800 yours is on -0-

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Does an LCD monitor need a screen saver?

A little know-how about screensavers would put u on ease.Firstly SS were created because of the burn in problem i.e when the monitor shows the same display for quite a long time, then the image of... Read More »

Does your screen saver come on even if your monitor is turned off?

I just tested this. The screen saver come on whether the monitors are on or off. The screen saver is triggered by inactivity from your mouse or keyboard. If no activity occurs after the set time... Read More »

How to Set Up Your Computer for a Two-Monitor Screen Saver?

Having dual computer monitors allows you to personalize your desktop to your specifications by separating various applications and programs onto different monitors. Dual monitors save time and effo... Read More »


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