Why is my monitor for my emachine no longer working it says no signal. i tried another monitor still nothing?

Answer If you have tried two monitors and no signal then your video card has stopped working. you need to replace it.

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How to Check That a PC & Signal Cable Monitor Is Working?

Usually, computer towers connect to a monitor through a single cable. This is either through a VGA (Video Graphics Array) or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connection. Although the cables look simi... Read More »

Monitor Video Signal Problem - What can cause problems with your Monitor's Video Relay?

Usually the video cable or the video card. A faulty graphic card driver can also cause image distortions, but that's a software defect that can be fixed by upgrading or re-installing the driver.

Why my monitor get green sometimes this problem is from monitor , VGA or Monitor cable ?

This often indicates a bad pin on the end of the vga cable. Sometimes the pin is bent or will push into the body of the connector when you try to insert it into the jack. Close examination will usu... Read More »

3 monitors at once (a laptop monitor, a VGA monitor, and an HDMI monitor)?

Only two outputs at one time are allowed on most laptops. That would be the normal laptop screen and ONE of the two output ports. Rarely could you have two external monitors and no normal screen.... Read More »