Why is my memory card no working?

Answer put the memory card in the memory card reader.Then attach it with computer after doing that format it.When the formatting is done you should put the memory card into your device again.You'll see it... Read More »

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My memory card not working?

If you think there is no problem with your mobile then get your memory card flashed and get it's whole data erased, from a mobile shop & then check it....

Memory card not working?

I think you scratched the connection part of the card. Next time, take it out me gently.

My memory card is not working?

may be it is LOCK...there is a button on the side of SD cards by which card locks or unlock... :)

My memory card automatically erased images on memory card! How will i get it And i want memory card recovery?

Give this a try - As long as you haven't ntook any more pictures , you stand a good chance in recovering everything. I've just done a recover with this - Copy and Paste it. - Read More »