Why is my material bunching while I am sewing?

Answer There are many difficulties which you may encounter when sewing by hand or by machine; one of these is bunching materials. Some fabrics are much more prone to this problem than others, but with a l... Read More »

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What causes thread bunching on the bottom of material when sewing?

Thread bunching underneath the fabric is called ''birdnesting." This occurs when there is no tension on the needle thread, which is used to pull the bobbin thread. It is suggested that you re-threa... Read More »

Tips for Sewing Stretch Material?

You can sew almost anything out of stretchy material. Clothing and blankets are two examples. Stretch material doesn't unravel at the seams like cotton fabrics do. If you don't stitch carefully, th... Read More »

What is a bunching table?

A bunching table is a coffee table or end table that can be used alone or combined with other tables. Some have nesting tables included in the main part that can pull out. Others have an open area ... Read More »

How do I plant bunching onions?

Plant bunching onions seeds in full sun and soil that drains well. Plant in spring, summer or fall. Amend the soil to produce a mixture of 50 percent garden soil and 50 percent rich organic fertili... Read More »