Why is my male betta flaring his gills?

Answer The Betta is a popular aquarium fish that readily shows aggression when encountering other members of its own species. This leads to some odd yet visually appealing behavior.Turf BattlesMale bettas... Read More »

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What does it mean when my male betta puffs his gills?

When a male betta (or Siamese fighting fish) puffs his gills out, he is assuming a fighting posture. You will likely notice that his fins are flared out as well. A male betta will assume this fight... Read More »

Can i put a male betta in with a goldfish?

On One Hand: At Least it's not Another BettaMale bettas prefer peaceful tank companions and goldfish are both non-aggressive and slow. It is unlikely that a goldfish will chase or nip at your betta... Read More »

Can I keep other fish in an aquarium with a male betta?

Each male betta (or Siamese fighting fish) has a different temperament and may or may not be able to peacefully coexist in a community fish tank. A male betta should definitely never be housed with... Read More »

Can you house a Betta male& female in the same tank?

Generally, male and female Bettas should not be placed in the same tank. The only time a male and female Betta can co-exist in a single tank is during mating and only after carefully conditioning t... Read More »