Why is my lower leg going numb?

Answer do you have your leg on your lap if so its pinching your nerve

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My right thumb is tingling and it feels like it might be going numb what could be going on?

You have a pinched nerve that is numbing up your thumb....may be the beginning of carpal tunnel

My right arm is going numb?

You did not say if your job required repetitive arm movement. You may have a pinched nerve causing your problem. You will need to see a doctor who will refer you to a specialist who treats this ty... Read More »

Why does my tongue keep going numb?

Hey - Well it is possible that MS can do these things since it can affect any part of the nervous system which then affects most parts of the body.Or it could've just been a random sensation. lol ... Read More »

Extremities go tingly like they're going numb?

Its Raynaurds syndrome. The symptoms usually occur in extremely cold environments (somewhere where it snows) or when there is a sudden drop in room temprature (like when its hot outside and you go... Read More »