Why is my ipod shuffle blinking orange and green when i press play?

Answer it means u have no songs in your ipod shuffle if it doesn't work keep it in chargeipod shuffle the new one is wicked try it out if u can it's worth it

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What does the blinking orange light on ipod shuffle mean?

An ideaOn the card you got with your shuffle it says "don't disconnect". I think it means that the shuffle has to stay plugged in for it to charge fully.Optionally, you may try resetting it from iT... Read More »

What does it mean when the light blinks green to orange on the bottom of an iPod shuffle 5 times?

Connect the iPod to a computer, go to iTunes, click on your iPod, press settings, click on restory, and the issue shoul be resolved. ^^^are you crazy?!!! if they do that all their data will be era... Read More »

What does it mean when the light on your iPod shuffle blinks orange to green and does not allaw you to listen to music?

when the green and orange light flashes it just means that there's an error.I had the same problem but i found out that if the music doesn't play when the orange and green light flashes, all you ha... Read More »

If your ipod shuffle light is blinking yellow what does what mean?

Apparently this means that your PC is seeing your shuffle as a data storage device, not an ipod. Make sure that you're using iTunes to synch your music to the shuffle and not dragging or dropping. ... Read More »