Why is my internet suddenly so slow?

Answer too many people overload the system

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Computer has suddenly gone slow!?

hi daz this is a common problems with p.c,s however taking into consideration your excellent pc specs including the core 2 quad cpu and 6gb ram this makes me worry the first rea... Read More »

My pc is suddenly running very slow?

So you already tried to fix your software. Now try checking if theres any problem with your hardware. It must be the RAM of your computer. But I'm not sure. For best results, try bring your compute... Read More »

Why is youtube suddenly slow?

The cause of your problem is simple: Your "cache" memory and "temporary internet files" are full.If you are experiencing either: A) slugglish loadingand buffering, B) "choppy" videos which frequent... Read More »

My download speed suddenly slow?

Hey!If you are having problem with your internet connection and it has recently went down drastically, I suggest you to contact your internet provider. Something is slowing down your internet and o... Read More »