Why is my imac running slowly?

Answer An iMac can run slowly for many reasons, but most of them are related to some sort of "bottleneck" that is slowing down the iMac's ability to process data or juggle multiple tasks at once.Open Appl... Read More »

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Why is my computer running so slowly?

this is for the answer Guitaris gave youare you serious , 10 years of independent study and thats the best you could up withclick start icon all programmesaccessoriessystem tools disk cleanupdo the... Read More »

Why is my computer running slowly?

I think you have to clean virus first. And stop some startup.Please give as more details about you computer.or try this tweaks.First Do Essential HousekeepingBefore undertaking any system changes, ... Read More »

My computer keeps on running VERY slowly!?

first do a free online antivirus scan from these sites Read More »

Internet running slowly?

Could be malware, could be a dirty computer. Could be a whole host of things...Try ccleaner first. Run the cleaner, it's free: this site for other than malware re... Read More »