Why is my husband so addicted to cannabis?

Answer Probably the same reason that I am. IT'S THA BOMB and its all natural. Pass the dutchie pon de left hand side. :-)Purple Melvin is a SNITCH! He turned in his on know that ain't rig... Read More »

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Please say me if Cannabis tea has any bad sides, I don't want to get addicted or something like that?

Not really, no. Cannabis is not an addictive drug, it's less addictive than caffeine in any case.

How can I guarantee my drug addicted husband does not get unsupervised visitation with our infant daughter?

Answer Ask the Court for sole custody and supervised contact for dad. Make sure you have proof, such as police reports, medical reports, witnesses, court orders, contact information for treatment ... Read More »

Can you use cannabis seeds to make cannabis goodies?

You could but it wouldn't give you the same effect.

Are you related to your husband's brother's wife and husband's sister's husband?

These people are part of your extended family. They are not related by blood to you and there is no simple word for the relationship. They are your husband's sister-in-law and brother-in-law, of co... Read More »