Why is my hp notebook screen very dim?

Answer When troubleshooting your HP laptop screen, you may encounter some degree of difficulty. However, some solutions turn out to be rather simple.BatteryAccording to HP, your screen display light will ... Read More »

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How to Set HP Notebook Screen Resolution?

You can easily adjust your screen resolution on an HP notebook with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Increasing the resolution on your HP notebook will make the images smaller and appear mor... Read More »

How to Disassemble a Compaq Notebook Screen?

LCD screens are among the most delicate hardware devices on your laptop. The screen is made of liquid crystal pressed between two glass plates. LCD screens break easily if mishandled or dropped. Th... Read More »

How do I Lighten a Compaq Notebook Screen?

Occasionally you may need to adjust the darkness or lightness on a Compaq computer notebook screen. The portability of notebook computers increases the importance of understanding how to darken or ... Read More »

How do I print screen on a Compaq Presario notebook?

Copy Screen ImagePress "Alt" + "Print Screen" or "Fn" + "Print Screen." This command takes a snapshot of your computer screen and copies it to a clipboard.Paste and Print Screen ImageOpen a blank d... Read More »