Why is my horse losing hair in clumps?

Answer Horses naturally shed their coat as the warmer months approach. Shedding or hair loss in patches and clumps is not natural and the cause should be identified. Causes can be environmental or systemi... Read More »

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Why Is My Horse Losing Patches of Hair?

For all their size and strength, horses can be quite delicate creatures. With all of our years of specific breeding and insistence on their living in stalls and other unnatural conditions, the dome... Read More »

How long before labor will begin i am 34 weeks pregnant and I'm losing my mucus plug now in clumps it's clear and thick?

I know it seems like things are moving along quickly, but this is just a sign that your cervix is changing and not that labor is imminent. It is normal for women's cervices to soften and open. This... Read More »

Causes of Hair Falling Out in Clumps?

Hair loss can be devastating. While it isn't uncommon for men, or even women, to experience balding or thinning hair, especially as they age, losing hair in clumps can be concerning. When this happ... Read More »

Why do older dogs shed big clumps of hair?

As dogs age, they undergo skin and coat changes which can result in hair loss. However, excessive shedding can indicate other health problems and should be examined by a veterinarian.SignificanceIt... Read More »