Why is my hermit crab very lethargic?

Answer Popular as first pets for children, hermit crabs are easy to take care of and can provide years of enjoyment. Although they are not susceptible to many diseases or afflictions while in captivity, o... Read More »

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How do I know when a hermit crab is going to have a baby hermit crab?

Check for EggsLift and turn over your female hermit crab so its shell rests in your palm, and you can see its exposed underbelly. Check the left side of its abdomen for thousands of tiny red eggs,... Read More »

How to Buy a Pet Hermit Crab?

Go to your local pet store and go to the hermit crab part of the store. Ask if they will dip them in the water to wake them up and put then on the get a crab that is up and going do not get lazy cr... Read More »

Why is my hermit crab out of its shell?

Land hermit crabs do not grow their own shells; instead, they inhabit discarded shells from other species such as snails. Hermit crabs in captivity need shells not only for protection against other... Read More »

How to Maintain a Hermit Crab?

Hermit crabs are popular pets, especially for children. These tiny pets are easy to handle, easy to care for and very hardy. Maintaining a healthy hermit crab is not a difficult task provided you h... Read More »