Why is my head paning so muchI feel very irritated now?

Answer have tea or milk and stay away from electronics things

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Do you feel irritated or happy when you are dieting?

irritated when hungry, happy when seeing results.

If you have a rash on the inner thigh and it is very itchy irritated and red what can you do?

Inner thigh rash Given the time of year you posted your question, my guess would be that your inner thigh rash is most likely heat rash.If you've tried ointments and creams with no success, maybe y... Read More »

If you get a rash between your legs when it gets hot and it is very irritated and almost impossible to keep cool what can you do?

Answer If it doesn't itch, put some aloe vera gel on it if you have some, then bandage it. Aloe vera gel is very useful for rashes, especially when they are caused by sunburn. Note: Make sure it i... Read More »

Why does your head hurt when you cry very very much?

your body is being worked and your mind is stressed when u cry. after enduring that stress for a while your body gets tired and u get a headache and etc. if u were to keep on crying for a very long... Read More »