Why is my head paning so muchI feel very irritated now?

Answer have tea or milk and stay away from electronics things

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Do you feel irritated or happy when you are dieting?

irritated when hungry, happy when seeing results.

Why does my head feel cloudy?

If your head feels cloudy and it feels heavy that is usually signs of tight muscles in your your neck for sure and maybe your back. Once those muscles are released you should have the major pains ... Read More »

Why do I feel so much pressure in my head?

Sounds like you have a lot of sinus pressure. When you bend over does the pressure drop to your forehead? I have always had sinus and allergy problems but never was treated for it as a child or i... Read More »

Why do I feel my heartbeat in my head constantly?

Maybe your not doing enough exercise, or your feeling very stress and scared about something? Idk theres lots of possibilities. Check out a doctor if you can ;P