Why is my hard palate swollen?

Answer its sore from a hard c0ck bangign agianst it.

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What percent my unborn baby to have cleft palate if i am a mother that have cleft palate?

In early pregnancy would you have a hard time to poop everyday and stomach is swollen and a bit hard?

Answer Yes.When you are pregnant your digestive system slows down so that you have more time to extract all the vitamins from the food you are eating. Therefore constipation is a definite symptom... Read More »

Hard swollen area under daughters armpit?

I did answer this question, and like I said, ignore the pitiful ignorant fools that gave you the answers you received. In the other place you put this question, other people are answering in a much... Read More »

Bug bite is swollen, painful and bright red and the middle is hard looks like a bulls eye?

This sounds like a common boil. The heat and antibiotics are the best for these.I would think any doctor could recognize these. My GP took one quick look and knew what mine was.(sounds like what yo... Read More »