Why is my hamster losing hair?

Answer Unusual or sudden hair loss in hamsters is a cause for concern. Although there are some harmless reasons why hamsters lose hair, it never hurts to check with a vet.AgeChristine Logsdail, vice presi... Read More »

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Why is my hamster peeling&losing hair?

The combination of hamster skin peeling and hair loss are generally causes for alarm. They can be signs of infection, parasites or illness. But they can also be signs that the hamster is getting ol... Read More »

How to Let Your Hamster Loose Without Losing It?

Have you ever wanted to play with your hamster without losing it? Well here are steps on how to play with your hamster without him/her going off.

What is the difference between a teddy bear hamster&an angora hamster?

Well-loved for their mild disposition and adorable mannerisms, hamsters are a common pet. While both teddy bear and Angora hamsters are from the popular Syrian breed, only slight distinctions set t... Read More »

Does a female hamster or a male hamster run faster through a maze?

Neither gender of hamster is faster at running through a maze, according to "Training Your Pet Hamster". The speed of a hamster depends upon the individual hamster's ability to learn a maze. In the... Read More »