Why is my guitar amp buzzing?

Answer Buzz in a guitar amp can be caused by many things. A buzz is usually an indication of a grounding problem in the amp, but there are other issues that can create a buzz in a guitar amp as well.Groun... Read More »

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How can I fix my guitar it keeps buzzing?

buzzy guitars are usually when someone has sodded about with the action, lowering the strings too far - if it's an electric you can usually adjust the bridge heightother than that - have you got th... Read More »

Buzzing noise from my guitar?

It's either a loose ground wire somewhere in the circuit or an inferior shielding job and single coil pickups.If the buzzing is eliminated or greatly reduced when you touch the strings or a metal p... Read More »

How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Guitar Buzzing Noise?

Guitars are complex instruments, almost as tedious as pianos to repair or clean. Be sure of what's specifically causing the trouble before you start in on it.A buzz isn't hard to get rid of if you'... Read More »

Why is m guitar buzzing on the 12th fret on the D string?

It's buzzing because its just that deep of a chord. It's called vibrating, and it happens when you make your instruments go that low.