Why is my gerbil losing its hair?

Answer Pet gerbils are usually covered in soft hair--even the inside of the ears and on the top of the feet. Sudden bald patches on a gerbil are usually signs of a health problem, according to Sue Fox, au... Read More »

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What are the causes of gerbil hair loss?

Fur loss in gerbils can suggest a more serious infection in some cases. Fleas and mites can cause a gerbil to scratch fur off, while diseases such as Tyzzer's Disease lead to fur loss and serious i... Read More »

Why is my cat losing her hair?

Also known as alopecia, hair loss in cats can occur on any area of the feline body. Feline hair loss can be caused by several different conditions, some of which are considered rather serious.Aller... Read More »

Why is my dog losing his hair?

Many pet owners are alarmed when they find that their dogs are losing hair. But most conditions that cause hair loss in dogs are highly treatable and should not be cause for too much concern.TypesT... Read More »

Why is my dog losing its hair?

Noticing hair loss in your dog is usually not cause for alarm. Several factors, however, should be carefully considered in order to determine whether medical attention is warranted.MisconceptionsHa... Read More »