Why is my galaxy nexus not working ?

Answer Report Arpit. That link doesn't answer your question. She's pimping the site for her friend (if she's even that honest.) Don't click the link.

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Whic is better galaxy nexus or galaxy s2?

Galaxy S2. Why?Galaxy S2 has a Faster CPUDual Core Exynos 1.2ghz is A LOT faster than Dual Core 1.2ghz TI OMAP 4460Galaxy S2 has a Faster GPUNot only the Galaxy Nexus has a slower/older GPU, but i... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus Root Help?

XDA's site is where you want to be…

Why is the Galaxy Nexus going against the iPhone 4S?

You can stretch the picture of the videos by tapping the feature when the video's are playing.

Using Galaxy Nexus without data plan?

Yes, your current plan will work without modification.