Why is my friend getting kicked off Facebook for saying a word in chat?

Answer Hallo,i for sure don't understand your question.however,no one has a right whatsoever to kick him off face book.tell him to seek legal redress.

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When facebook chat a cellphone icon appears with saying 1day?

it's supposed to mean how long ago that person was on facebook, but it's not always accurate

If you are 17 and your girl friend is 15 and she is pregnant and she is getting kicked out and there is 10 people living in your house its over crouded can you get a house with her?

Answer Legally, you can not because you both are underaged. But you could apply for emancipation, which you have to get signed by your parent, that says that you have a job, or money to live on you... Read More »

How do i contact facebook to remove them off as my friend is still getting abruse of her?

Go to their profile and, to the right of "message" there is a little gear/options button. Click it and it will you give you the option to block/report her

Friend on facebook keeps getting every share I post in their notifications. How we fix that?

Tell your friend to go onto your profile, hover over the friends tab (inset in cover pic) - and deselect 'Acquaintances'