Why is my fafsa efc so high?

Answer Anonymous:Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to guess what your EFC should be, because it depends on so much more than just your mom's income. The FAFSA is over 100 questions long, and all o... Read More »

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When i filled out the FAFSA form, the EFC i got at the end was very high?

Without viewing the actual numbers on your FAFSA it would be wrong of anyone to say if something was filled out incorrectly.Let's say your parents AGI was over 6 figures and that they have a net wo... Read More »

I scored a 997 on the Fafsa for the EFC score is that too high good bad I dont know.?

This is a good EFC. The efc is just a code the schools use to determine what kinds and how much money you will get. It is not what you will have to pay the school. With an EFC of 997 you will li... Read More »

How to Get a Pin for FAFSA?

When filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive financial aid for college you must also fill out a PIN application. The PIN is a four-digit identifier that allows y... Read More »

Fafsa/Financial Aid?

Go to the fafsa website and correct your information. You will need your PIN and your parents pin to do it... but it is pretty simple.Good luck.