Why is my face swollen?

Answer cos you eat to many pies

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I hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?

Help! Swollen face!!!?

get one radiograph(x-ray) consult dentist they may prescribe antibiotic for three days swelling will decrease slowly later on go for extraction within a week

Can arthritis cause swollen face?

On One Hand: Arthritis Causes SwellingThe two main symptoms of arthritis are pain and swelling. These symptoms are most commonly found in the sufferer's joints--such as the hands, wrists, elbows, s... Read More »

Bee sting help... Swollen face?

That is not completely unheard off. But with it being on his face and close to his nose and mouth I strongly suggest he start taking Benedryl/Diphenhydramine now to assure he has no problems with b... Read More »