Why is my face always so oily?

Answer Don't use anything like rubbing alcohol or peroxide on your face because it will dry your face out, which will also cause pimples. Your skin's and body's oil is your natural moisturizer, but if you... Read More »

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How do i get rid of oily face ?

Getting rid of your face is not recommended, no matter how oily it is. The face serves many functions and you should not try to remove it.

How to Treat an Oily Face?

Oily skin occurs due to an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Oily skin leads to large pores and a propensity for acne breakouts. However, there are advantages to having oily skin. Of the thre... Read More »

How to get rid of a shiny or oily face?

Utilize a gel cleanser rather than soap or a creamy one if you want oil control. A creamy face wash will leave a residue in the skin and making it appear even oilier and soap is too drying and will... Read More »

How to Stop an Oily Face?

Managing oily skin is one thing, but what if you want to get rid of it completely? Here are some ideas for getting rid of oily skin for good.