Why is my ear bleeding I am so freaked out right now. Please help!!!!?

Answer go and see a doctor instead of asking unknown people on the internet!

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My right ear is bleeding, please help!!!!?

Please help me I am freaked out!!?

Has the loft hatch ever moved on a day when it wasn't windy? That is what you need to ask yourself. If it happened only on the day that was very windy, then you can assume the wind moved it. If ... Read More »

Eye bleeding,please help?

Yes eyes can bleed contrary to what some people have said. It sounds like your father is suffering from broken blood vessels in his eye I suggest that he seeks medical attention if it is causing hi... Read More »

Anus bleeding (Please help).?

You may have scar tissue in that area. This would cause the hole to be open more than normal, if the injury occurred near the opening. It's not normal, but as long as you don't have leakage in the ... Read More »