Why is my dog's nose dry and peeling?

Answer Most dog owners are familiar with their dog's cold, wet nose. When their nose becomes dry and starts peeling, owners often become concerned with their dog's health.IdentificationDogs' noses can dry... Read More »

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How to Clear a Dark Spot on the Nose From Peeling Skin?

The way in which peeling skin heals is dependent upon how it was damaged by the sun. The nose, with its sensitive skin and prominence on the face, is particularly vulnerable to the damaging UV rays... Read More »

Dry Nose on Dogs?

You may notice that your dog's nose is dry sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, a dry nose does not always signal a sign of disease or illness in dogs. Brief periods of dryness of your dog's nos... Read More »

Nose Pigmentation in Dogs?

The nose is a sensitive part of the dog's body. A healthy dog nose is normally cool and moist to the touch and a darkish color, though some dogs with lighter hair have lighter colored noses. It re... Read More »

Winter Nose in Dogs?

Some dogs' noses seem to change color depending on the change of the seasons. Dogs that have this happen usually have a pink or light brown change starting at the middle of the dog's nose and exten... Read More »