Why is my dog vomiting&having seizures?

Answer Seizures and vomiting are frightening enough to dogs, but to make matters worse, they can't tell their masters where it hurts. These symptoms can reflect serious underlying illnesses or even poison... Read More »

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ADA & Seizures?

One of the major rationales for the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was to prevent lack of knowledge, stereotypes and unfounded fears from restricting the lives of individuals ... Read More »

Un-diagnosed Seizures!?

I'm on Keppra and an anti-depressant, too, but most likely the reason you're on an anti-depressant is to help you cope with the unresolved seizures. I have a low sex drive, too, but depression can... Read More »

Seizures in Lab Dogs?

Seizures in Labrador retrievers may be caused by metabolic conditions such as low blood sugar and high ammonia levels in the body. Seizure disorders are thought by veterinarians to be an inherited ... Read More »

Cluster Seizures?

According to the Pet Info website, cluster seizures are when a dog has multiple seizures within a 24-hour period. These seizures are life-threatening and could cause irreversible brain damage. A ve... Read More »