Why is my dog trembling while sleeping?

Answer When a dog is deeply asleep, it might tremble, shake, twitch or even make noises such as howls or yips. While these symptoms might be worrying coming from a fully awake dog, coming from a sleeping ... Read More »

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What Causes Pet Trembling?

Pet owners are responsible for keeping their pets happy and healthy. That job is sometimes difficult when your pet displays a generalized symptom, such as trembling. A trembling pet may be the resu... Read More »

Anyone Inner Trembling/Vibrating sensation morning and evening...followed by increased sensation after eating?

I'm surprised that your doctor didn't send you to a gastroenterologist to have your stomach checked, since you said you have it after large meals. I sometimes have the same thing, and it appears to... Read More »

When does a kid usually move from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed?

There's no set time. It depends more on why you want to move him/her to a bed.Is the kid is too big for the crib?But does that balance out against whether you want the kid to be getting out of bed ... Read More »

Co-sleeping and sex, what do you think?

I'm not even going to read the other answers because I get the feeling there are some ignorant ones.We do exactly the same thing. (Her crib has the side rail taken off and is jammed against the wal... Read More »