Why is my dog sneezing&coughing up phlegm?

Answer If your dog is sneezing and coughing up phlegm, it could be exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness. Your veterinarian can give you a diagnosis and offer you treatment options to protect the hea... Read More »

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How to Dry Up Phlegm?

"Phlegm" describes the increased mucus produced in your respiratory tract in response to a variety of illnesses and activities, such as a allergies, colds, bronchitis or smoking. The cause of mucus... Read More »

Coughing Up Yellow Phlegm?

Okay. So there's some advice out there that's not so great for you. My doctor told me that yellow or green phlegm means that you've at least got a sinus infection and may have bronchitis or pneumon... Read More »

Almost always have phlegm caught in my throat?

It's probably an allergy. Do you have weeds or wild flowers or something else outside the window that could make you have a reaction? You could get tested for allergies by a dermatologist. It mi... Read More »

Why is my dog vomiting white phlegm?

The white foamy phlegm that dogs vomit up is bile from their digestive systems. Bile is type of fluid that helps the dog digest food. Chronic vomiting is called bilious vomiting syndrome or reflux ... Read More »