Why is my dog shedding in the middle of winter?

Answer Dogs have a variety of coats and have different shedding patterns. Some dogs have hair that continually grows and do not have regular shedding, but most do shed at least once or twice a year and so... Read More »

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How to Get a Tan in the Middle of Winter Without Tanning?

Walk through almost any Midwestern or mountainous region during the middle of winter and you will see throngs of pale people that almost blend in with the snow. The longer nights, shorter days and ... Read More »

Why is my cat shedding so much?

The hair your cat sheds can be a regular nuisance for cat owners. Cat hair tends to stick to virtually any surface, and must be removed on a regular basis. All cats shed hair, but some cat owners m... Read More »

Why is my cat shedding so much fur?

If you own a cat, chances are you have to deal with shedding issues. Cats shed their fur in order to allow a new coat to grow in. Excessive shedding can be a normal occurrence, or it could be a sig... Read More »

How can i kill winter weeds in shrub beds( roundup doesn't work in the winter.)?

The best way take to care of winter weeds is to pull them by hand, then use a pre-emergent weed control product which will kill weed seeds before they sprout. Pre-emergent weed control works for mo... Read More »