Why is my dog losing the hair on her tail?

Answer Hair loss on the tail can be a common issue for dogs; however, it can be also be a signal for serious concern. Owners may think that their dogs are shedding, but shedding will not usually cause pat... Read More »

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Causes of Losing Hair?

Hair loss happens for a number of different reasons. Changes in hormone levels, poor nutrition, certain medications, and genetics all play a role. Poor hair care, including using poor-quality hair ... Read More »

Why is my dog losing hair around her eye?

Because your dog cannot talk, you must watch her carefully for signs that she is unhealthy. If your dog is losing hair around her eye, she could be infected with mange or having an allergic reactio... Read More »

How to Keep From Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss happens for a number of reasons ranging from stress to genetics. In order to maintain what hair you have and continue to promote hair growth, you have to take care of your hair. ... Read More »

Why is my cat losing her hair?

Also known as alopecia, hair loss in cats can occur on any area of the feline body. Feline hair loss can be caused by several different conditions, some of which are considered rather serious.Aller... Read More »