Why is my dog lactating when she is not pregnant?

Answer You know your dog cannot be pregnant, yet she is lactating as though she is. Your dog might be experiencing a false pregnancy, which can cause milk production.False PregnancyA false pregnancy means... Read More »

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How to Tell If My Dog Is Lactating?

A dog cares for her puppies around the clock for the first few days by cleaning them, keeping them warm and providing milk. If your dog has just given birth to puppies, you need to make sure she is... Read More »

Vitamins for Lactating Women?

Women must take certain vitamins during pregnancy and lactation. Prenatal vitamins during pregnancy make up for nutritional deficiencies in the mother's diet, while vitamins for lactating (or breas... Read More »

Why are you lactating a clear liquid?

This is normal and many women experience it. It takes a little while until true milk is being produced. Use breast pads to absorb the fluid. If it is or becomes painful or is foul smelling then you... Read More »

Would falsely lactating still carry the same health benefits?

No, I wouldn't think so. The hormones would be supplemented. They wouldn't carry the same effect.