Why is my dog itching?

Answer The occasional itch or scratch should not worry a dog owner; however, mild to excessive itching indicates an issue. Fortunately, most causes of itching in canines are relatively easy to treat.Aller... Read More »

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Cut on leg is itching. HIV?

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Why is my breast itching?

Its a skin condition . The above symptoms are not signs of breast cancer.

Is genital itching bad?

On One Hand: Could Be a Serious ProblemGenital shows up as a symptom in any number of infections and rashes. Some of the most common conditions related to genital itching are genital herpes, scabie... Read More »

Why am itching all over?

You may have a low allergy to it. Having a sister who has an array of different allergies, I am very knowledgable in this area. When you have allergies, it can give you rashes in the same spot or a... Read More »