Why is my dog itching?

Answer The occasional itch or scratch should not worry a dog owner; however, mild to excessive itching indicates an issue. Fortunately, most causes of itching in canines are relatively easy to treat.Aller... Read More »

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Why am itching all over?

You may have a low allergy to it. Having a sister who has an array of different allergies, I am very knowledgable in this area. When you have allergies, it can give you rashes in the same spot or a... Read More »

Cut on leg is itching. HIV?

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Does Zyrtec help itching?

On One Hand: Itching Due to AllergiesAllergies can cause your eyes, nose, and skin to itch. Antihistamine medications such as Zyrtec can help alleviate many of your allergy symptoms. According to ... Read More »

My butt has been itching really bad what could it be?