Why is my dog having seizures?

Answer Seizures in dogs are frightening to watch. Dogs who have seizures can have different types such as petit mal or grand mal that run from a small tic to terrible convulsions. There are several potent... Read More »

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Why is my dog vomiting&having seizures?

Seizures and vomiting are frightening enough to dogs, but to make matters worse, they can't tell their masters where it hurts. These symptoms can reflect serious underlying illnesses or even poison... Read More »

If a dog is having seizures what should I do?

Seizures are scary and sometimes unpredictable. Seizures in dogs can be caused by a number of different factors, such as epilepsy, canine distemper, genetics, brain tumor, head injury, environmenta... Read More »

Hi. I'm having Tonic Clonic Seizures & am finding them scary. Any advice would be appreciated?

Dreamy. This passed Tuesday I was having tachycardia, the sweats, and the feelings of fainting. It is scary when there seems to be insufficient oxygen and having absolutely zero control over it... Read More »

Can having uncontrolled seizures that a doctor can't seem to explain be caused by a hole in the heart?

When in doubt let your doctor check it out.That's my motto.We are not all experts on these questions.We only try to steer you in the right direction.