Why is my dog going to the bathroom in her crate?

Answer Training a puppy is difficult work. It takes patience, understanding and commitment. Crate training is an effective tool for teaching puppies when and where to use the bathroom.Purpose of CratingYo... Read More »

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Why is my cat going to the bathroom outside the litter box?

Of all the things you provide for your cat, the litter box takes the most thought. Try to see it through the cat's eyes, not yours. If everything about the litter box isn't just right, the cat migh... Read More »

Bleeding when going to the bathroom?

The most common causes are anal fissures or hemorrhoids but it could also be something far more serious as in…

How to Stop a Pet From Going to the Bathroom in the House?

One of the greatest challenges for any pet owner is house training a new pet or, in some cases, an existing pet. Puppies and kittens are the most common offenders, though sometimes, due to stress o... Read More »

Going to the bathroom several times before I sleep?

It may or may not be OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). There is no way of telling if you will not have yourself checked for it. You may be anxious with something that makes you feel or do someth... Read More »