Why is my dishwasher draining out of the drain air gap?

Answer AnswerThe rubber hose leading from your airgap to your garbage disposal or drain pipe is propably plugged. Remove hose and clean or replace. Also, when you remove the hose leading from the airgap t... Read More »

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What would cause a toilet to bubble and drain when a shower or dishwasher is draining or has recently drained?

Answer Plumbing systems require a vent pipe that runs up through the roof of the house to open air. Venting avoids the siphon effect where one appliance draining causes suction that drains another... Read More »

Why isn't the dishwasher draining?

Why is your sink draining into your dishwasher?

your drain is pluged somewhere below your dish washer pull the p trap aprt and check that

How to Troubleshoot a GE Dishwasher That Is Not Draining?

A dishwasher that's stopped draining is almost invariably due to a problem with a clogged air gap--not with the appliance itself. Mandated by most local plumbing codes, the air gap is that little k... Read More »