Why is my computer working so slow?

Answer i dont know but i suggest running a defragmentor. you can probably find one underStart > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmentor.Run this and then try. Good Luck

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Why Your Computer Is Sometimes Slow Working?

There are times when you can hear your computer churning, but nothing seems to be happening. Before buying another computer because you think your old computer is too slow, find out why the problem... Read More »

My computer is working slow what to do with it.?

You should get more RAM. A minimum of 512 KB is recommended, Get 2 x 512 (1 GB) if you can afford it.Ok... Here are a few things to try and help.1: Don't have too many applications open at once, be... Read More »

My brand new Computer is working very Slow?

1. Restart the computer2. Press F8 every 2 seconds3. When you get a boot menu choose Safe Mode with Networking4. After Windows has booted in Safe Mode, go onto the Internet and download a file, kee... Read More »

What are the ways by which slow working of computer can be made fast ?

Your first step should be to scan it for spyware.There is an article that shows you step by step here;…If it's Windows XP there is also a guide to optimizi... Read More »